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Decentralization Offers Healthier Alternatives To The Internet’s Cookie Habit

Chrome cookies
Google has announced plans to remove support for third-party cookies as 72% of people feel nearly all of what they do online is being tracked, and 81% believe the risks of this outweigh the benefits. Alas, the internet giant has confirmed it is working to find new, healthier alternatives. I’d like to introduce you to two interview candidates who are leading the technical development of the next generation of the internet through decentralized alternatives that put users first – Dr. Kurt Nielsen, President of Partisia Blockchain, a Web 3.0 platform built for trust, transparency, and privacy Through the integration of blockchain and Partisia’s unique Secure Multiparty Computation (MPC) solution, Partisia Blockchain delivers the highest levels of privacy and confidentiality across all platforms with cross chain capabilities, making integration easy. Read more here. Partisia Blockchain recently launched Instars, a decentralized social media platform guaranteeing each person’s personal info is protected with advanced privacy enhancing technology and encryption, and members own and control personal data and earn rewards for inviting friends and opting in to consensual data exchange. In February 2020, Partisia Blockchain announced it had secured a grant from the EU-funded Next Generation Internet Trust (NGI Trust), to help develop a new alternative search engine promising increased privacy, fewer ads, and less bias. Li Jun, Founder of Ontology, the high performance, public blockchain specializing in decentralized identity and data.  Ontology enables a decentralized network environment that solves key issues of identity security and data integrity and provides individuals with increased security and protection. Through ONT ID, Ontology’s mobile digital ID application, users can securely manage their digital identity by storing it on a phone or on a trusted cloud storage with a private key that grants access to the verified user only. For businesses, through DDXF, Ontology’s decentralized data exchange and collaboration framework, tokenization, data traceability, and cross-system data processing are permitted.
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