Three Simple Ways of Investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Many more people are now interested in crypto investments given the crypto’s huge publicity in the recent past. This publicity is due to the huge changes in crypto prices which is catching investors’ attention mostly since 2017. Bitcoin, for instance, has gained public attention after its price plummeted from around three hundred dollars five years ago to the current price of $62,000.
Here are three proven ways in which you can start investing in cryptocurrencies to take advantage of the current crypto hype.
Stockpiling Cryptocurrencies

The basic principles of investing in gold and other kinds of valuable assets apply the same way when investing in Bitcoin and cryptcurrencies. Bitcoin and crypto, like gold, are limited in supply and therefore subject to forces of supply and demand.

Stockpiling crypto is a worthwhile strategy when you anticipate the prices to change in future such that you will make a profit from this change. Today, thanks to innovation of many crypto products, you can profit from crypto through both short selling or long selling and whether you are selling crypto through a crypto exchange or to other traders and peers.
For those interested in stockpiling crypto, buying at the least possible price is necessary especially at the ICO or initial coin offering stage. You can also buy a mix of cryptocurrencies or coins and learn how to balance your portfolio as you go. Some people mix this strategy with professional crypto trading, crypto mining, and staking.
These methods require the investor to do their own research to find the most viable cryptos in which they should invest. Different methods will also have different rates of return on investment. Additionally, different methods suit different people depending on their risk profiles or preferences, and an investor can select the most appropriate based on the amount they want to invest, the risk preference, rate of return, and duration before getting returns. Most are fully customizable.
Buying Crypto Penny Stocks 
Penny stocks in crypto are stocks used to represent a share investment in a crypto or coin or digital technology such as blockchain. We now have many companies raising capital in the form of stocks or shares such that those who buy fractional shares expect some form of return or profit.
For instance we have stocks representing privacy, escrow, registry and other technologies.
Here are some of the most popular crypto stocks to try if interested.
Angel Investment or Crypto Startup Funding
It is absolutely possible to fund a blockchain or crypto startup and earn investor returns when the startup grows to a multibillion dollar business in future. This is so currently given the huge interest in crypto investment among investors and the public alike.
Some crypto startups have grown from scratch to becoming unicorns. Bitpanda, a digital investment platform, is an example of such startup which recently in February rose to unicorn status after getting additional investment from venture capitalists.
As an investor interested in this category or type of investments, you want to shop for a startup with a promising patented technology that is already turned into minimum viable product or is at least in the prototyping or piloting stages.
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