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06:00 ET Omni Closes its $2mm Private Token Sale, 10x Oversubscribed, Adds Advisory Team, & Plans Apollo-X IDO & Trading on PancakeSwap on July 16th

LOS ANGELES, July 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Omni today announced that it had closed its Private Token Sale of $2mm and that it would perform its Initial Dex Offering / Public Sale on July 16th on PAID's Apollo-X IDO platform. The private sale of $10mm was oversubscribed by approximately $20mm (10x oversubscribed).  It also announced the addition of key strategic advisors including the crypto industry's leading Capital Markets & IDO Advisor Orion Depp of Master Ventures & the Master Ventures Polkadot VC Fund & Willy Kerr, Co-Founder of PAID Network's Apollo-X IDO Platform.   OMNI will be the 1st IDO launch in history on Apollo-X's revolutionary new Initial Dex Offering Platform.

Omni's CEO Manny Hernandez states, "The Private Sale of OMNI was highly coveted and we were oversubscribed by nearly $20mm, almost 10x the sale amount. We'd like to thank our community for all the support of our project. Our upcoming IDO and PankcakeSwap listing marks a strong step in our long-term goal of decentralizing Omni's ownership and enabling the user-based monetization of social-media. We intend to build upon the models of Tik-Tok, Instagram, & Facebook with bleeding-edge interactive technology and a financially transparent blockchain-based back-end.  We look forward to an exciting IDO on the PAID Network's Apollo-X platform, the first ever of its kind."

Petrix Barbosa, OMNI's Chief Development Officer also states, "Omni intends to be a driving source of inspiration-based wealth internationally.  By allowing its users to monetize their own social media content Omni intends to help bootstrap potentially millions of international citizens who are not given the same economic opportunities as those in the Western world.  We have recently witnessed Instagram usage in Brazil far exceed that of the U.S. as South American social media influencers seek to better their financial standing in an economically-challenged post-pandemic world.   We intend to embrace this movement, create positive societal reform, and raise the bar for social media apps' responsibility to the world." 

OMNI IDO Advisor & Master Ventures Polkadot VC Fund Manager Orion Depp also states, "Unlike other social media apps who push back against the use of blockchain or those who try to centralize its usage such as Facebook with Libra / Diem, Omni intends to embrace blockchain by using the Substrate framework developed by Parity, one of the backers of Polkadot/Kusama.  This gives Omni a huge first-mover's advantage in decentralizing and allowing for shared social media monetization along with other industry leaders such as Bitclout, SubSocial, or Jack Dorsey's BlueSky."

About OMNI

OMNI is an all-encompassing social media app with specialized video, chat, & e-commerce features that enable user-driven social media monetization over the blockchain. Omni's blockchain component uses the Substrate framework as developed by Parity technologies, the backers of Polkadot & Kusama.  Combining some of the best features of popular apps such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, WeChat, Facebook, Telegram & Shopify, Omni also uses proprietary technologies including OMNI Feed AI, a proprietary Brands & Influencer Matching engine, and an e-commerce engine powered by NFTs.  Omni's partners include AIOZ, Dfyn, Splyt, Polkamusic, Raze, and Metis DAO.  Omni is venture-backed by Master Ventures, Moonboots Capital, MorningStar Ventures, Exnetwork Capital, Black Dragon, X21, Dutch Crypto Investors, DAO Capital, Maven Capital, Latitude Blockchain Services, Durty Crypto, Social Cre8tive, Influx Group, OIG - Oracle Investment Group, Oddiyana Ventures, & Aussie Capital. Its Team, Whitepaper, Tokenomics and other info can be found at

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Orion Depp
OMNI IDO Advisor
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