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06:52 ET ETHA Lend Mainnet to Launch Soon – Optimal Yields Driven by a 700x Faster Discovery Algorithm ETHA Lend has been on the radar as one of the most exciting upcoming launches in DeFi. The interoperable DeFi yield optimizer has now finally…

LONDON, July 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- ETHA Lend has been on the radar as one of the most exciting upcoming launches in DeFi. The interoperable DeFi yield optimizer has now finally announced the launch of its Mainnet on the Polygon network on July 15th, 2021.

ETHA Lend offers a suite of DeFi yield optimization features to introduce inclusiveness and elegance into the sector. The protocol uses a unique perspective leveraging true technological innovation, which is evident in their 700X faster discovery algorithm able to allocate assets for a supply as large as a million USD, in under a second.

Manually deriving optimal yields is ridden with redundancies, high barriers to entry costs, and poor efficiency. Automation, on the other, can make the same process much more precise, efficient and lucrative. When automation is leveraged with the right product-market fit, we get a perfect result, such as ETHA Lend.

There is much to be excited about regarding the protocol and its Mainnet launch, especially the unique products and hybrid strategies for yield optimization; it will bring along:

Atomic wallet for batching multiple transactions in one

ETHA Smart wallet is a non-custodial open wallet consisting of many features. The wallet allows users to plug into a vast DeFi ecosystem of different protocols and manage their positions in one single place. The team behind the protocol believes that DeFi doesn't have to be a steep learning curve for users. To this end, this wallet represents a solution.

Here are the most exciting benefits of the ETHA Smart Wallet

  • It batches multiple transactions with different assets into one single transaction.
  • No authentication or approval fees required while interacting with new dApps or DeFi protocols
  • Savings on gas fees
  • Earning high yields and enhancing DeFi exposure without the hassle of going through multiple steps or token approvals.
  • Wallet delegation for an even more accessible experience

eVaults that maximizes yields and mitigates risk

In essence, ETHA vaults or eVaults are associated with a hybrid stable asset strategy for maximizing returns on the asset that the user deposits into the vaults. The users can deposit stable assets such as DAI, USDC, USDT and receive yields in volatile assets within this strategy, including ETH, BTC, and ETHA, the platform's native token.

Leveraging high yields generally comes with equally high risk; this predicament presents the biggest barrier for the average user. The eVaults then come as a relief for users who do not wish for their assets to get exposed to high market volatility. Moreover, the two initial eVaults that launch with the Mainnet are based on the Curve and QuickSwap model, which are infamous for their low slippage and the impermanent loss feature that greatly reduces the risk of economic loss.

The ETHA Lending Market for a highly consolidated lending experience

ETHA Lend consolidates its lending market with a hybrid supply rate model that reduces the emphasis on old values and puts more weight on recent values. This reduces the impact of the supply rate fluctuations on their discovery algorithm, thus allowing for the weights to increase linearly. The mechanism is unique and extremely efficient in providing lenders with a much more predictable and stable lending market.

Simple and elegant UI

ETHA Lend wants its users to fall in love with DeFi all over again, and they receive equal loving back with sustainable returns on their assets. But all strategies aside, one of the most striking features is the protocol's interface that shouts simplicity and elegance, so much so that it is rather alluring. The interface abstracts all redundancies and ensures that their users' experience on the protocol is intuitive and productive. While exploring the Mainnet, one will find small toolkits that do a great job of guiding the users and informing them about a particular functionality type.

ETHA Lend is tailored for a next-level DeFi yield optimization experience

Undoubtedly, ETHA Lend have entered a new era of DeFi where true technological innovation and explorations that address the needs of the masses certainly gain an edge. So it will be interesting to see how the launch of ETHA Lend's Mainnet on July 15th, 2021, contributes to the growth of DeFi by opening opportunities for all user and asset classes.

Release reference Provided by ETHA Lend, a Leading Crypto Company in DeFi yield optimisation. 

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