08:30 ET 101-Year-Old Industrial Pump Valve Company Now Accepting Cryptocurrency from International Buyers

What would inspire a pump manufacturer in New Jersey to start accepting cryptocurrency?

Always on the cutting edge of and innovation, the Sims Pump Valve Company has been experimenting with blockchain technology as it develops the most durable and long-lasting pumps for industrial and marine applications. “Progressive thinking is one of the hallmarks of the Sims Pump Company,” says John A. Kozel, “and our international clients have come to expect that from us.”

The advanced engineering that goes into every custom-designed pump or impeller requires extensive technical expertise and attention to every detail, which may explain how easily SIMS Pump Company adapted to blockchain technology and virtual currencies. But it was not until the firm completed a project for Halliburton that their crypto dreams became a reality.

When SIMS’ president Kozel made this informational video about the special corrosion-proof pump his company designed for Halliburton, it generated so much interest from global clients that the company decided to turn the video into an NFT (non-fungible token) to further promote their groundbreaking “Halliburton pump”. The video features a specially made chemical pump, which SIMS created to handle 2,000 gallons per minute at 150 feet of head, at 1750 RPM driven by a 100 HP Motor.

Founded over a century ago, at about the same time as Sims Pump Valve Company, Halliburton serves major national and independent oil and natural gas companies around the World. By collaborating with stakeholders and engineering solutions that maximize asset value for their customers, the culture at Halliburton is focused on continuous improvement. Like SIMS, Halliburton’s systems are used in the most challenging industrial environments. By choosing a SIMSITE® pump, this global leader in technology has further highlighted the superiority of SIMS’ industrial and marine products.

“It’s not every day that we get to design a pump that will be used by Halliburton,” says Kozel.”  We decided to take advantage of this development to promote the unique qualities of our SIMSITE® Structural Graphite Composite material,” which is manufactured from a structural graphite composite.

Known as an early adopter of new technology, the Sims Pump Valve Company leads the way among industrial and marine manufacturers in more ways than just engineering. “With so many international companies now accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as payment for goods and services, it is only a matter of time before mainstream supply chain manufacturers start accepting cryptocurrency a payment option,” says Kozel, “and we are proud to be one of the first.”

Kozel and his team have been working with Max Dilendorf from the Dilendorf Law Firm in New York City to find solutions for clients who wish to use digital assets to purchase their graphite composite pumps. “This has been a growing trend among international buyers and sellers of real estate and certain luxury goods, but it has not yet caught on within industrial circles,” says Dilendorf. “Not surprisingly, the announcement from SIMS has generated considerable interest from prospective clients, as well as their closest competitors,” says Dilendorf.

John Kozel
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SOURCE SIMS PUMP Valve Company, Inc.

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