Jul 15, 2021, 07:51 ET Introducing MoonRadar Finance: Platform Helping Big Guns Like BabyDoge In The Altcoin Market

AMSTERDAM, July 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MoonRadar is a complete solution for companies creating Binance Smart Chain projects and provides a full suite of tools to improve the quality of their service. It helps traders to dodge the possibilities of entangling with malicious practices like rug pulls or honeypot scams. MoonRadar lets the users enjoy free features like swapping Moonswap tokens, managing portfolios and obtaining a list of best projects to invest into.

MoonRadar proposes many features like DeX trading, crypto purchase, portfolio management dashboard, donations, and casinos. Once opted for the $MRF token, users can avail of many benefits and a particular GEM notification facility. The token’s deflationary, antidumping and higher initial tax quality assures preliminary stability to owners. The GEM notification also informs holders about the latest enlistment of promising projects, thus, keeping them ahead of everyone else. 

This platform is currently a hidden gem that equips companies with booster pad features to improve their BSC projects. MoonRadar has onboarded at least 13 meme coins and helped them in realizing their true potentials. Elon Musk backed one of these meme coins himself, which pushed its market cap to more than $1.5 billion. MoonRadar offers whitelisting solutions that help users identify the potential threats, pick their perfect coin to invest in, and inform them about newly audited projects. To avail of all these features, all a user has to do is hold a specified amount of MoonRadar tokens and hold them on their wallets for as long as they want. The $MRF token forms the core of the MoonRadar ecosystem.

Investing in crypto projects comes with its own set of risks. If not appropriately researched, the moonshot projects and meme tokens pose significant threats. MoonRadar eradicates all these dangers as the enlistment of a project on this platform is done after proper care and intense analysis and is a token of trust and safety in itself. The platform also provides instant exposure to new projects and boosts their visibility. For investors, it furnishes key metrics of newly launched projects so that they can maximize their ROI by investing in service at an early stage and make informed decisions. Since it does not involve complicated steps of dredging out credible tokens and lists the best ones based on their key metrics, it allows speedy, hassle-free trading.

2021 will forever be remembered as the year meme coins entered the public consciousness. Dogecoin, the most popular meme coin, recently hit a new all-time high of $0.60 pushing its market cap north of $70 billion to become the fourth-most valued coin. This rapid increase in the price of Dogecoin was fueled by its community after celebrities like Elon Musk constantly posted a series of supportive tweets about it or Hello Pal International Inc., a publicly traded company acquired Dogecoin Miner “Crypto Pal”.

MoonRadar envisions a safe DeX trade place where crypto players can enjoy quality blockchain projects and monitor audited contracts while running checks for scams and rug pulls. It has extended its support to some of the most popular recent meme coins and provided them with opportunities to incorporate the best security layers through proper analysis and auditing. These advancements have helped emerging projects in boosting their launch and marketing efficiently.

MoonRadar has also partnered with Superlauncher, an emerging launchpad aiming to raise 2000 BNB in the presale. The Token will be listed soon on Pancakeswap at an initial market cap of 1.085 million. This seems to be an attractive price for a token that powers projects like BabyDoge & Tiki token.

MoonRadar is targeting the current defects in the ways BNCs operate and is proposing innovative and robust solutions. It is a tool for creators and investors who encounter difficulties dredging out authentic platforms. The platform is also planning to expand its scope by conducting trial runs with BabyDoge for casino features this month. The update is anticipated to hit big in the crypto market and will go live shortly.

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