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Sep 12, 2021, 23:11 ET Huobi Global Launches Fourth Primepool with 1.98M STK Token Prize Pool

LONDON, Sept. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Huobi Global, one of the world's leading digital asset exchanges, continues to offer users the opportunity to participate in the growth of new projects while growing its community around the world. As part of this commitment, Huobi Global will be launching the fourth Huobi Primepool.

Primepool is an initiative that offers users an easy, convenient way to participate in the ecological development of projects listed on Huobi Global. Since the first project DeFine (DFA) was launched on Primepool, the program has seen growing success. Most recently, the third Primepool event saw the highest APY for users to date—7263.50%. More than 33,100 people from 108 countries participated.

"We only started Primepool a few months ago, but it has grown to become the community's favorite program. Our community is up-to-date on the latest trends in the space, therefore they're keen to see what new projects will be listed through the program," said Ciara Sun, Head of Listing and Blockchain Investments.

Structure Finance (STF), a new token from, a platform that supports the creation of different structured financial products for cryptocurrencies, has been chosen as the spotlight project for Huobi Global's fourth Primepool event. Like the projects that came before it, STF was evaluated thoroughly by the Huobi Assets team for quality assurance.

How to Participate in the Fourth Huobi Primepool

The fourth Huobi Primepool will commence on September 13, 2021. Users will be able to lock their Huobi Token (HT) and TALK tokens in exchange for a chance to win part of the 1.98 million STF token prize pool.

The event will take place in two rounds:

Round 1: September 13-16

  • Max reward for locking HT (every 24 hours): 378,000 STF
  • Max reward for locking TALK (every 24 hours): 150,000 STF

Round 2: September 16-20

  • Max reward for locking HT (every 24 hours): 70,000 STF
  • Max reward for locking TALK (every 24 hours): 29,000 STF

A snapshot of each participant's locked HT and TALK balances, as well as the total amount locked, will be randomly taken during each 24-hour period for reward calculation purposes. The rewards will be sent in STF tokens, and the number of daily rewards is calculated based on the locked HT and TALK tokens of that day.

"We expect a steady stream of participation and engagement from the community for the two rounds of our fourth Huobi Primepool event, as users get drawn to the rewards for staking their assets," Ms. Sun added.

Both the Huobi Primepool and Prime, another community initiative, have drawn significant attention to Huobi Global's listings of new coins. While other exchanges offer similar programs for community members to receive rewards and create income streams, Huobi has consistently provided the highest APY returns for its users.

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