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Oct 07, 2021, 08:46 ET UltimateNFT – Introducing The First Fantasy Sports Platform to Incorporate NFTs Into a Play-to-Earn Model Which Utilizes Blockchain Technology to Offer Faster, Borderless, Payouts

NEW YORK, Oct. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- UltimateNFT's Native Token, which powers their fantasy play-to-earn platform, set to launch in one week on Uniswap as presale wraps up today.

Investing in Ultimate NFT's native token will give users a plethora of utilities on the platform including:

  • GOVERNANCE - The governance model that will be implemented will allow players and investors to submit proposals in the future which will require 10 unft and 1 unft will be counted as one vote for each wallet. These tokens will be burned in order to submit a proposal or cast a vote.
  • REDUCED FEES - There will be reduced marketplace fees for holders and stakers of unft according to their tiers.
  • FARMING NFTS - UNFT holders will be able to buy player NFTs without needing to pledge more money or acquire other cryptocurrencies.
  • FUTURE AIRDROPS - Holders will also be entitled to receiving surprise player packs in current and/or future sports according to their tiers.

UNFT has chosen to merge Fantasy Sports and crypto worlds because it will give users the right to their money and assets in a permission-less way, all powered by smart-contracts, so that no centralized power can tamper with your pay-outs and you get the ability to profit from your players as well. With the rise of cryptocurrencies and gaming, UNFT should easily propel to blue-chip project status in the Decentralized Finance space, especially on the Ethereum network.

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