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Oct 08, 2021, 09:15 ETPowerbridge Technologies Establishes Cryptocurrency Mining Fleets for Bitcoin and Ethereum in Hong Kong

ZHUHAI, China, Oct. 8, 2021/PRNewswire/ - Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: PBTS) ("Powerbridge" or the "Organization"), a SaaS arrangements and Blockchain applications supplier, is glad to report that Powercrypto Holdings ("Powercrypto"), an auxiliary of the Company, is dispatching digital currency mining, explicitly bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH), in Hong Kong. These digital money tasks will use natural amicable, green and feasible energy.

Powercrypto hopes to finish the arrangement of 2,600 superior mining rigs in Hong Kong, enveloping 600 elite BTC mining machines with a hashrate of roughly 60 PH/s, and 2,000 superior ETH mining machines with a hashrate of around 1,000 GH/s.

Sean Wang, Powercrypto's General Manager and Chief Technology Officer, expressed that: "Powercrypto is a significant key move by the Company to feature our worldwide presence in the crypto-mining business. We will zero in on improving our by and large hashrate level in BTC and ETH mining by setting up mining armadas in North America and Asia."

Powerbridge Technologies President Stewart Lor, remarked, "We are exceptionally amped up for our dispatch and situating as a worldwide presence in the cryptographic money mining business. We expect our elite ecological amicable crypto-mining armadas to essentially speed up our income."

About Powerbridge Technologies

Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd., a development driven innovation organization is fundamentally occupied with SaaS arrangements and Blockchain applications. Powerbridge SaaS incorporates AI, large information, and IoT offering SaaS stages for cross-line web based business, inventory network, information knowledge, and IoT applications and gadgets. Powerbridge Blockchain comprises of BTC and ETC mining and advanced resources, IPFS disseminated network administrations, and industry-explicit Blockchain applications. For more data, visit

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