09:34 ET Chainapsis Launches Keplr Wallet, an Interchain Digital Wallet, for Mobile

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On Thursday, October 14, Chainapsis, an interchain infrastructure developer, launched Keplr Wallet for mobile—a features-packed, user-friendly interchain digital wallet application for iPhone and Android devices.

Keplr mobile provides asset management across multiple blockchains with emphasis on connecting users to the emerging Cosmos interchain applications ecosystem, which provides seamless cross-chain transactions while maintaining low fees. Users can now leverage increased portability while they manage their digital assets, which are live 24/7 on global exchanges. Cross-chain activities are also made more accessible, allowing users to go beyond just one network. 

“This year, the interchain is no longer a vision, but a reality,” said Chainapsis CEO, Josh Lee. “We’re pleased to offer a mobile wallet built specifically for a multi-chain blockchain ecosystem that not only prioritizes interoperability but also security.”

In response to user concerns, Keplr mobile supports Ledger Nano X hardware wallet for added 2-layer authentication. Users can sync their Ledger wallet with Keplr mobile through hands-free bluetooth connectivity and cross-check transactions before approval. Also integrated with Keplr mobile is WalletConnect support which allows users to connect with Web3 applications.

“Digital assets and cryptocurrency are rapidly taking a larger volume of consumer wallet share, and Web3 value cannot be protected by Web2 software, so we are always happy to see great software projects integrate Ledger hardware. We’re proud that the great engineers at Keplr were able to add such slick Bluetooth support using our SDK and encourage more partners to explore our Nano X,” said Ian Rogers, Chief Experience Officer at Ledger.

Much like the Keplr desktop experience, users can expect standard features such as multichain account management, staking and claiming rewards, and access to governance participation, with extended connectivity to other networks. Users can create a new account or sync their existing accounts with a QR code scan.

This announcement marks Chainapsis’ first mobile application and their first major development launch since reaching a milestone of over 100,000 global users in September. Chainapsis expects the demand for interoperability to increase and will continue to build support for the interchain.

For more information about Keplr Wallet, visit https://keplr.app.
For the latest Keplr news, find them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/keplrwallet.

SOURCE Chainapsis

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