Oct 18, 2021, 06:30 ET HECO Chain Launches Phase 3 of Lucky HECO Event with GameFi NFTs

LONDON, Oct. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — HECO Chain, a decentralized, EVM-compatible public chain, today announced that the third phase of the Lucky HECO event has begun. Users can now join this event for a chance to win Game Prop NFTs, which are valued at nearly 250,000 USDT in total.

“Throughout the second half of this year, HECO Chain paid close attention to the rise of the GameFi field. We not only launched the Blockchain Game Developers Accelerator Program but also organized the Gaming Hackathon to boost the development of GameFi projects on the HECO chain. This event will show users the development of games on the HECO chain directly,” shared Leo Su, Head of HECO Chain.

For the third phase of the Lucky HECO Event, HECO Chain is partnering with three top gaming platforms, BUDO II, CryptoBlades, and Plato Farm, to present a variety of GameFi NFTs to users. Together, these NFT make up three different Wish Fountains.

The NFTs for Wish Fountain I are provided by BUDO II, a Sci-Fi shooter blockchain game led by women characters that also uses real Japanese voice actors. The NFTs can be used in stake farming, battle (PVP), and chapters (PVE) and traded in the game’s auction market.

For Wish Fountain II, the play-to-earn, role-playing game CryptoBlades offers five different kinds of Star Swords NFTs to winners, including the highest level of the five-star sword. In the world of Cryptoblades, the more stars the sword has, the more powerful it is. These swords can be used to fight enemies in combat, raids, and future PVP (Player vs. Player) features. All NFTs provided by CryptoBlades can be sold in the game’s marketplace.

Plato Farm, an NFT game available through HECO Chain, grants five kinds of Game Prop NFTs in Wish Fountain III, which offers the most prizes. All NFTs can be traded in the Plato Farm game.

How to Participate in the Lucky HECO Event: Phase 3

Users who have already provided their Huobi Global UID and HECO addresses in the “Wish List” can simply link their wallets with one of the three gaming platforms to complete a contract interaction so they have a higher chance of winning.

“A basic criterion of a good public chain is whether the developers can bring their dream to life using a safe and reliable infrastructure, whether their needs are met, and whether users and developers have a sense of fulfillment and happiness,” added Su. “We hope users and developers have fun in the third phase of the Lucky HECO Event!”

For more information about Lucky HECO III, please click: https://www.huobi.com/support/en-us/detail/34888865060239

About HECO

HECO is an EVM-compatible public chain that provides blockchain developers with an efficient and low-cost on-chain environment for decentralized applications (dApps), smart contracts, and digital assets. HECO has recorded approximately 13.2 million total addresses with 479 million transactions made on the platform.


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